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Vehicle Valeting Services

For a showroom-level finish, Rhys's Auto Detailing in Sussex is the perfect choice. As a mobile valet, my services can be arranged at a place and time that is convenient for you. Alongside my valeting packages, I also deliver high-quality vehicle detailing services. To get a quote, give me a call. 

 Valeting Services

I aim to make caring for your car as simple as possible. That's why I provide a range of packages, offering different valeting services for you to choose from. With services ranging from exterior and interior cleaning to ceramic coating, my mobile valet services, can significantly enhance the condition of your vehicle. 

Car wash with yellow sponge

Silver Package

From £45

This includes an interior or exterior clean and decontamination. 

Interior cleaning: the floor mats will be removed and deep cleaned, all plastic elements are cleaned and dressed. Additionally, the glass will be washed and polished. The seats and pedals will be cleaned while a steam cleaner will be used for hard-to-reach areas.

Exterior cleaning: a snow foam pre-wash is applied followed by a rinse and thorough hand wash. This will involve a pH-neutral shampoo. The wheels will be cleaned while the tyres are dressed. The glass will also be cleaned and polished.

Extra services can be added on. This includes £50 for headlight restoration, which covers a pair of headlights. 

cars in a carwash

Gold Package

From £68

The Gold Package involves a deep clean for both the interior and exterior. This full valet service involves:

Interior cleaning: the car seats and any plastic features will be cleaned and dressed. The interior can be steamed, particularly in areas that attract dirt. The glass is then cleaned and polished to make it spotless. Finally, the pedals will be cleaned while the mats are given a meticulous clean.

Exterior cleaning: a snow foam pre-wash is applied. The vehicle will then be rinsed followed by a hand was with soft wash gloves. A pH-neutral shampoo is utilised. The wheels will be cleaned, and the wheel arches sprayed. Lastly, the glass will be thoroughly cleaned and polished.

Car by the road with the sun setting

Ultimate Package

From £150

This is the ultimate valet experience. It includes:

Interior cleaning: the full interior is steam cleaned. Leather upholstery will be treated and cleaned. Any fabrics are washed and treated, which also involved stain removal. Carpeting, mats, and pedals are also cleaned thoroughly. Furthermore, the interior glass is polished while plastic elements are cleaned.

Exterior cleaning: a snow foam pre-wash and rinse is applied. Soft wash gloves will be used to wash the vehicle. Next, the wheels are cleaned, which includes the inner barrels. If required, these barrels are removed. Then, the tyres will be dressed and cleaned while the exterior glass is polished. Finally, an exterior wax boost is applied to give the pain hydrophobic qualities before the vehicle is machine washed. 

This option is perfect for care before they go on sale or returned to lease. Plus, this package is ideal for people who want their car to look is absolute best.

Incredible Valeting

It is my goal to deliver a first-class service. I understand that every car is different. That's why I provide a diverse range of packages and services. This way, you can find what works best for your vehicle. So, whether you want a deep clean or a ceramic coat, I've got you covered. My methods safely remove heavy Soiling, Tar spots, and brake dust build up to achieve the results that you desire.

A shiny red car in a housing estate.
The clean interior of a car, specifically the back seats.
A freshly-cleaned motorbike.
washing a car
"Did a brilliant job of interior and exterior, not a speck left on the car when it was done. Really thorough and efficient and left no stone unturned. Had the car looking like it had just left the showroom."


Are you interested in my vehicle valeting packages? Call me on 07592 550084

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