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A shiny blue car in front of a house.

Bespoke Vehicle Detailing Services

Rhys's Auto Detailing can take care of all your vehicle detailing needs in West Sussex. I aim to revive the shine and restore the beauty of your car. With a proven track record and years of experience, I offer a range of professional vehicle detailing services. If you've got any questions about my services, feel free to get in touch.

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Ceramic Coating

If you're looking to safeguard your vehicle from future damage, a ceramic coating is recommended. Applied to the exterior of your car, this coating will protect your car from paint damage. The ceramic coatings I offer range in effective duration and will defend your vehicle from tough grime and salt from 4months to 2 years, whilst also improving the paintwork's gloss. The 2 year coat is available from £225. A mid-term ceramic coating that lasts between four and six months is also available starting at £100.

Exhaust Tip Re-Chrome

I can also work on your vehicle exhaust tips so that your car has complete visual perfection down to the smallest details. During this process, Carbon build up and grease will be stripped from the exhaust, before re-chroming your exhaust tip. It will then appear clean and highly polished.

Close up shot of car exhaust pipe
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Paint Correction

From scratches to swirl marks, a vehicle's paintwork tends to become worn over time. I can return your car to its former glory thanks to my specialist paint correction. This service will breathe new life into your vehicle. Both minor and more significant scratches can be covered up. A dual-action machine polish can remove light scratching and swirl marks. Plus, it can revive your faded paint work. This correction saves you from spending thousands on a re-spray. Full vehicles will cost from £200 for a machine polish, while smaller sections will depend on size (price on application).

Black Wheel Refurbishment

Even after just a short amount of time on the road, your wheels can become scratched, faded or curbed. Luckily, my black wheel refurbishment service can make your alloys look great once again, through sanding, smoothing, priming, painting and laquering.

Car rim detail. Car wheel
Close-Up Of Red Car Headlight

Headlight Restoration

Aged headlights can start to become dull and discoloured. Rhys's Auto Detailing will restore your headlights to improve visibility making your vehicle safer especially in winter. As an additional service, headlight restoration will cost £50 per pair.

Valeting Packages

I also offer multiple valeting services to get your car looking brand new. There are three different detailing and valeting packages to pick from. This includes both interior and exterior cleaning. 

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Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Yes, ceramic coating is the best way of providing long-term protection to your vehicle, whilst also improving the paint's appearance.

A shiny car outdoors.
"Managed to get the 30-year-old paint looking brand new! Really nice guy who gets things done properly and in great time."


Are you in need of car detailing services? Contact me on 07592 550084

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