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West Sussex Car Valeting

With 5 years of experience, Rhys's Auto Detailing strives to take care of all your car maintenance needs. From deep cleans to ceramic coating, my detailing and valeting services can restore your vehicle to its original state. Not only this, but I also strive to protect your car from future harm. I am committed to enhancing a range of different vehicles. Call me today for a quote.

How Can I Enhance Your Vehicle?

At Rhys's Auto Detailing, I strive to deliver all the car maintenance services that you need at a competitive rate. I am dedicated to improving the appearance of your vehicle, whilst retaining its value through proper procedure. Here are just some of the services that I provide:

Hand Wash

To get your car looking showroom-ready, a 2 stage valet and wax boost will help get your vehicle back to its former glory. This hand wash will occur after thoroughly snow foam pre washing your car.

Interior Vacuuming

There's no need to be ashamed of your messy car interior. I can get your interior feeling its best by vacuuming in all the hard to get areas, deep cleaning the upholstery, and reviving the carpets, mats and pedals.

Paint Correction

A vehicle's paint finish can have a drastic impact on its overall appearance. Whether you've got scratches, swirl marks or any other imperfections, my paint correction can enhance the look of your car.

Ceramic Coating

The best way to protect your paint finish whilst enhancing the gloss effect. I have a range of ceramics available from 4-6 months up to 3 years. Call me to discuss which suits your drive style today.

worker polishing car on a car wash

Mobile Car Valeting

My mobile services enable me to conveniently detail your car. Located in Worthing, West Sussex, I offer exceptional valeting services to the surrounding areas. This allows me to work on your car at a time and location that is suitable for you. My goal is to maintain a range of vehicles, including hatchbacks, luxury cars, motor-bikes, and SUVs. If you aren't sure whether I can detail your vehicle, simply get in touch

10% off

Any customer who has been referred to the business using another customer's name as a reference can get 10% off their first valet. Talk to me for more details!

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"Super professional, my car looked amazing after and I’ll be a regular customer for sure!!"


Are you looking for mobile car valeting in Sussex? Call me on 07592 550084

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